Friday, December 19, 2008

After Hajj

Visiting Masjid Al Nabawi...

In the days and weeks after Hajj, pilgrims take advantage of their travel time by visiting the city of Madinah, 270 miles north of Mecca. The people of Madinah provided refuge to the early Muslim community, when they were being persecuted by the powerful Meccan tribes. Madinah became a center for the growing Muslim community, and was home to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions for many years. Pilgrims visit the Prophet’s Mosque, where Muhammad (pbuh) is buried, as well as other ancient mosques, and the many historical battle sites and graveyards in the area.
Pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia are required to leave the country by the 10th of
Muharram, about one month after the completion of the pilgrimage.