Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ethnic Chic

Dishdasha Couture...

While many in the West mistakenly believe that all Arab men dress alike, Ford and Al Sabah know differently. They understand that the dishdasha has every bit as much variety in quality, cut and price as the Western suit. To the Arab men, the thobe or national dress is the epitome of comfort, elegance and style. ... It is highly versatile, with many variations. In the UAE, the nationals prefer tarboosh on their round- neck dishdasha. In Kuwait, the dishdasha features a high chinese collar, while Qataris prefer to wear their national dress with long, pointed collars. These days, it's possible to have a whole selection of all these styles irrespective of where you hail from. And while most Arab men prefer their dishdashas white or beige, shades of black and brown are popular during winter, and there are many other colours and styles to choose from. So there is plenty of room for Ford and AL Sabah's bespoken couture, even service to manoeuvre in the lucrative and highly affluent Middle Eastern market.

Here are some hip dishdashas: